Tolerance is any important skill to have. For both dogs and cats, we must learn to be tolerant and not yield to every impulse we experience (a slow, gentle boxer paw landing on your back, for example). That said, there are times where we must step up and out of our comfort zone, draw the line, and say ENOUGH!  (Maybe due to rapid paws on your back?) We're not doing this to be mean or harsh, but to help someone understand that they are close to crossing a line. If we don't give feedback, we are providing a disservice, and they can never grow. No one ever knows they've made a mistake if it is never brought to their attention. Finding the fine line between being a doormat and being bossy is a valuable skill of communication, which will reward you with many wonderful relationships. Sometimes the ones we care about the most need to know if they need to "stop!"--no matter who is watching! ;)