So, there are a lot of perks of this job. A LOT! I get to basically walk around, play with tails, and smack leashes all in the name of creating better dogs. I get to meet (and distract!) all sorts of dogs--different sizes and breeds!  Sometimes they are just puppies--meeting a kitty for the first time, and I get to be their fun feline experience! Other times, it's an older dog who "doesn't get alot with the cat at home" only because they chase and pester the cat, instead of sit still and let the cat explore them! The tables certainly turn when I CHASE them! They really start to digest a new relationship, and a new way to live with a cat!

There are also risks of this job. For the most part, my biggest risk is the occasional slime of dog slobber or a disturbed nap from barking!  Other times, it's a little higher--when there is a dog here that doesn't simply want to chase the cat.  They want to chase me...and eat me! EEK!  Those dogs, I am not as thrilled about having around as you could have guessed! The red-haired girl has done a good job as far as keeping me safe, but we have had our stressful moments! Both she and I learn a lot about each other during those times! I remember one particular dog who stayed in the guest room, behind a locked door.  I have an affinity for opening closed doors and always wanting to see new dogs--but the red-haired girl did a lot of explaining and "kitty proofing" to keep me out. At first I was very persistent about getting in, but once I met that dog I was happy to keep my distance.  I could see that I was on the menu! In those cases, it's hard for me to think I've helped the dog. But the red-haired girl assures me, that every bit of training was credited to me--as she had to get creative and the dog had to get over the desire for Cenicero cupcakes to learn!

And SOMETIMES I am the one behind lock and key. Very unhappy about this, I occasionally am the one put away.  What can I say--I love little dogs...especially pouncing on them.  And apparently that makes it hard for them to learn at first. If I come on to hard, I get put behind bars. It's only fair I suppose...but I can't say I'm happy about it. 

Like the dogs, I guess I can't always get what I want. But, the red-haired girl makes sure we all get what we need :)